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All in all, Rob Papen’s RG is a great plugin, but like any emulation, it’s not perfect. With an easy to use interface and a number of great sounding guitar choices, as well as a wide range of effects that help get the sound that you want, RG is one of the best sounding rhythm guitar emulations we’ve heard.


Computer music Magzine:

"As an inspirational composition tool, RG is peerless - it's like having an awesome sample library in completely editable format. Simply fire up RG, scroll through the many presets, edit one you like, build a beat behind it and you're on your way to a fresh, guitar-powered track in minutes."

9/10 plus the CM Performance award.

Keyboard Player:

"In short, this VSTi is a one-off, there's nothing quite like it around, and it's one of those products that left me with a big smile on my face at the end of the review!"


"This well laid-out plug-in synth was relatively easy to pick up and familiarity will encourage competence. The inbuilt demos are a great help to get you under way"



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