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MasterMagic is a Rack Extension for Reason which you will not want to be without in your virtual mixer Master Section. Just place it in Reasons Master Section and be surprised how much MasterMagic can do for your track!  The Mono/Stereo module will tighten the low end while the AIR module adds sheer magic…even if used in small amounts.

Enjoy the magic of MasterMagic!

Hello I am Reuven Amiel, Grammy Winning Mixer
--NOIA, Mushroom Symphony, Prime Ministers, PVRIS, Gian Marco, Ricard Arjona--
I am a long time Rob Papen software user, I love his products because they are original, innovative, sonically different and provide a unique way to see and manipulate sound. Their recent MasterMagic is a simple and effective tool to give your mix a magic touch!


  • “I really like this. Instantly tightens up the bottom end and the air is lovely, just adding around 2db does the trick. Personally I can see myself using this a lot.”  - STEVE MAC, PRODUCER
  • “I will definitely be using MasterMagic - it adds a nice little silky sparkle at the end of the mix and widens the tops out a bit. Even when you’ve already got a mix sounding good with something like iZotope Ozone,  I think you can still improve it by adding MasterMagic at the end of the plugin chain” - JOHN B, ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCER / DJ
  • "A great little plug to add clarity and brilliance to your mix and control your bass frequencies. Being able to select an air band and split frequency bands to mono a certain range with such ease makes this a unique and versatile plug for mastering and individual track processing." - DAVIDE CARBONE, ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCER (CARL COX)
  • " It sounds brilliant..!" ROB CASS, Producer (Cave Productions Ltd) at Abbey Road Studios

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