FL Studio fix

!! Attention PC FL Studio 21 Users !!

  • FL Studio 21.2.2  or higher should be used with the updated plugins below.
  • Instruments involved: BLADE-2, Vecto, Punch-BD, Quad, RAW, RG, RAW-Kick
  • FX involved:: MasterMagic, RP-AMOD, RP-Delay
  • In the updated plugin listed above the audio input/output is not activated when you reload a previously saved song.
    Upgrading your plugin doesn't influence new songs!
  • Currently, this can only be fixed manually, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    This problem only appears if you use the VST3 version of the plugins mentioned above!

To fix this issue:

Please open the plugin “Detailed settings” by clicking on the “Detailed Setting” icon in the top left-hand corner of the plugin interface.

  • In the icons that now appear, select the 2nd icon in the row.. (#1 in the image below)
  • Select the Processing tab (#2 in the image below)
  • Activate the 'Output' in case of an instrument and/or fx (#3 in the image below)
  • Activate the 'Input' in case of an FX (#4 in the image below)
  • Save again the song and the next time you load the song, all should be fine.
  • In case of remaining issues please create a support ticket here

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