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TAfunk creates small (funky) demo songs using mainly - Rob Papen - products.
These are played at the end of the Live Stream of Rob Papen on YouTube on Thursdays 8 pm - 9 pm CET.

Below you can enjoy them again and funky TAfunk you can find here at BandCamp.
All are composed and produced by TAfunk (Tom Alrich ) and all rights are reserved.

'Ocean Trek'

'She Like TA Move'

'Let it Fly'

'My Go 2 Place'

'Flash Driving'



'I Trance'

'I didn't die without you'

'It just Pretends' 

'Kick it up a notch!' 

'Hey Tommy 821'

'Don't Count Me Out'

'BLADE-2  Attack'

'Pap Sez Make It Funky'

'Detroit Nightmare'

'Be Very Afraid'

'Disco Down'

'LoFi Chillin'

'Ten Over The Limit'

'Kick It Up A Notch'

'Four Blades'

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