• Panning & Doppler FX.
  • Disrupt Sphere for controlling the panning and/or doppler FX
  • Bank Manager
  • 100%, 150%, and 200% GUI sizes
  • ESC (External MIDI Control) menu 
  • Template presets

Panning features

  • Disrupt Sphere to control the panning position
  • Left and Right panning amount between 0 and 100%
  • Position selectors for Left, Center, and Right.
  • Reset settings

Spring back features

  • Spring back to the Left, Center, or Right panning position
  • Spring back speed settings: instant or tempo-based from 1/32 tripple up to 1 bar.
  • Spring back quantize settings: from 2 steps over to 32 steps

Doppler FX 

  • Disrupt Sphere to control the panning position
  • Doppler Amount control
  • Doppler Volume Decline Control

Lazy Mode

  • Speed control from 0.3Hz up to 27.50Hz
  • Tempo-sync speed option from 16dotted bars, up to 1/32 triple note.
  • Lazy mode movements:
    L Saw
    R Saw
    L>R Saw
    R>L Saw
  • Phase control of the Lazy Mode LFO from 0 Degree. up to 360 Degree

Bank Manager

  • Preset section with Bank selector section
  • Order by Date Preset listing option
  • Find option.

Back Panel

  • Computer Keyboard Preset selecting On/Off
  • MIDI Preset selecting On/Off
  • MIDI Bank selecting On/Off
  • External MIDI Capture mode On/Off
  • Screen size selector menu with 100%, 150%, and 200%
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