Microwave 1

Cult Synth with a unique sound!

For this classic synthesizer, Rob Papen created three sound sets.
In fact, the Signature Soundcard was Rob Papen his first public soundset.
The last released soundset was called Double Red because of the Multies which were used to combine two presets into one preset.

MICROWAVE Signature Soundcard / Rob Papen
MICROWAVE Techno card / Rob Papen
MICROWAVE Double Red / Rob Papen (V 2.0 of Microwave-1 required)

Please, PayPal to adm @ robpapen.com the amount of € 25—for the 3 classic Microwave-1 soundsets.

Note: Please mention Rob Papen Microwave-1 soundsets and after the payment, we will send by email the MIDI dumps.


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