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- SubBoomBass RE short demos "HipHop" style -

Pr.008 BoomDelay (seq )

Pr.106 SubKick Atlanta (seq)

Pr.102 Sub La kick (seq)

Pr.007 BassTom (seq)

Pr.128 Tomza Pitcher (seq)

Pr.105 SubKick (seq)

Pr.038 D-stored Me (seq)

SubBoomBass long demosong

Pr.032 Clicker Boom

Pr.103 Sub La KickFrame (seq)

Pr.069 Patchy (seq)

Pr.042 Fase One (seq)

Pr.003 Artic (seq)

No additional effects are used and drumloops by BigFish audio.

- Solo playing SubBoomBass -

Analog style basses

Deep drones......

Special styles of basses

No additional effects are used. More examples very soon!

- User demo's SubBoomBass -

Rev Daxx (using 12x SBB) | www

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