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Mastering and channel EQ with built in Spectrogram for Propellerhead Reason 9.2 or higher


  • 8 Band EQ with Frequency, Gain and Bandwidth.
  • EQ dials and function controls.
  • EQ graphic screen.
  • Mid/Side mode with 4 Mid bands and 4 Side bands.
  • Lock mode for Frequency and Gain.
  • MIDI Note selecting for each band instead of using Frequency.
  • Each band can be made visual or hidden in the graphic field.
  • Each band can be played solo.


  • Mild tube saturation with a selector for pre-eq.


  • Open your mix or track by using the Air feature.
  • Frequency range between 30kHz to 40kHz.
  • Gain of 6db max.


  • HiPass Filter in 12dB or 24dB mode. 
  • LowPass Filter in 12dB or 24dB mode.
  • Two Filter colour/sound types
  • Resonance (Q) control.

Mono / Stereo Filter 

  • Great tool for inside the mix bus or while mastering.
  • Instead of frequency you also can select a MIDI note as the split point for the filter.
  • Clicking on the Mono / Stereo button will turn On / Off the Mono / Stereo effect.
  • Controls are: Frequency.
  • Solo on/off.
  • Visual inside the graphic display On/off.
  • Several Modes. These determine how the sound is ‘mono-fied’, either using the left or right channels, the average of the left & right channels (L+R) or the difference between the left & right channels (L – R).

Back Panel Screen 

  • The back screen of RP-EQ shows the Input / Output audio connections and also CV input to each band's frequency, bandwidth & gain, also the Low-pass / High-pass filter frequency and Q(resonance).
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