• Presets in various style banks. Preset / Bank menu with Quick Browser, Favorites & Recent etc functions.
  • Main section with:  Bypass, Mix, Volume, Send, Readout display and ECS (External Midi Controller Setup)
    Send button is 'global' and should be used in FX send mixer setup.
  • Routing controls how the 2 modulation units are connected
    - Parallel
    - Serial
    - Filter Split, using either 6, 12 or 24 db low pass / high pass filters. The filters frequency is set by the split frequency dial.
  • Audio Modulation 1 & 2 with Sync, Volume Mix control.
  • Audio Pan and Pan Modulation inside each Audio Modulation module.
  • FX Types:
    - Chorus
    - Tape Chorus
    - Ensemble
    - Flanger
    - Tape Flanger
    - Phaser
    - Analogue Phaser
    - Tremelo
  • Back Panel
    The back panel shows you the credits, version and registration information. It is also the place to make changes to general control settings for RP-AMod.
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