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Q: Is there a difference soundwise between Punch and PunchBD-RE?
PunchBD-RE is a totally new plugin designed for creating bass drum sounds only. It uses similar bass drum modules from the full Punch, and has layering features to create new and unheard bass drum sounds. Some of the presets will sound the same as the full Punch, however as Punch-BD RE has a few different options and new features some will be different.

Q: Where can I find information about license transfer and refunds?
PunchBD-RE falls also under the license terms of Propellerhead and their market-place (shop). Please check the Propellerhead homepage for their license terms.

Q: How can I find the latest version of PunchBD-RE
When a new version of PunchBD-RE is released, Propellerhead will send you an email that you can download the upgrade at their webstore.

Q: Can I register PunchBD-RE at the robpapen.com homepage?
No, the product is sold and handled by Propellerhead. It appears as a product inside your Propellerhead Rack Extension product page.

Q: Where do I get support on subject PunchBD-RE
If there is a problem in PunchBD-RE, we will, of course, offer support. Please create an account at robpapen.com and there you find a support section.

FAQ for Reason RE: shop.propellerheads.se/faq/

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