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Predator presets


Cameleon preset











































Rob Papen Predator presets used on the DVD:
Chapters on DVD are listed with -- symbols inside the banks

  • Predator: download banks 
    PC: Unzip and place the banks inside this location:
    Documents\Rob Papen\Predator\banks\
    Mac: Unzip and place the banks inside this location:
    Applications\Rob Papen\Predator\Banks\
  • Predator-RE: download Refill and copy them to your Refills folder.
  • Predator 2: download bank folder
    PC: Unzip and place the folders inside this location:
    Documents\Rob Papen\Predator2\Bank folder\
    Mac: Unzip and place the bank(s) inside this location:
    Applications\Rob Papen\Predator2\Bank folder\

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Camel Audio Cameleon-5000 (Alchemy)

  • DVD 1 Element-1 > Harmonics

Camel Audio Cameleon-5000 guitar conversion / (.c5i) preset download

Information about Cameleon-5000 which is replaced now by Alchemy (loads also this preset) you can find here inside Logic.


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Below the Synthesizers.com System-22 setup Rob used.

Synthesizers.com offers a computer program called 'synthivent' to build your own custom modular setup.
Check here for more info.
Download Rob his System-22 setup for 'synthinvent: download

Synthesizers.com System-22 Setup of Rob Papen


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Extra videos parts:

Read the chapter 'LFO and Element-2' on page 152 inside the book, then watch the video below about LFO and resonance modulation:

Read chapter ' Three points to keep in mind using an envelope' on page 107 inside the book, then watch the video below:

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