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Main features

  • 16voice Cross-Fusion Synthesis Synthesizer
    FM synthesis, Wave & Phase distortion, Virtual Analog, Spectrum Waveforms, Karplus String Model, and Samples. 
  • Over 5000 Presets in various music styles.
  • Bank Manager
  • GUI is available in sizes 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%.
  • Animated dials and faders


  • 6 Oscillators with Algorithm control for FM synthesis or other routing combinations
  • Analog-modeled waveforms, Spectrum Waveforms, Karplus String Models, and Samples
  • Granular on a select range of samples.
  • 6 User samples per Preset can be loaded.
  • User samples with layer options included velocity split and keyboard range split


  • 2 Filters with different routing options, and serial or parallel mode
  • 6dB Hi-Pass and Low-Pass Filter
  • 12dB Hi-Pass, Low-Pass, BandPass, and Notch Filters in 3 different characters Type 1, Type 2, and Zero Latency.
  • 18dB Hi-Pass and Low-Pass Filter
  • 12dB Hi-Pass, Low-Pass, BandPass, and Notch Filters in 3 different characters Type 1, Type 2, and Zero Latency.
  • 36dB Hi-Pass and Low-Pass Filter
  • Comb Filter Positive, and Comb Filter Negative.
  • Vocal Filter, Formant 2 Band Filter, and Format 4 Band Filter
  • Ring Modulation, Frequency Shift Positive, and Frequency Shift Negative.
  • Amount control for Filter Envelope, Velocity, Keyboard Tracking, and Modulation Wheel
  • Panning and Volume control


  • Always visual except for the Sample Page, and Bank Manager Page.
  • Main Volume Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.
  • Detailed Envelope features are available in the lower midsection.
  • Velocity control and Main Volume control.


  • XY pad with record option and tempo-based option. Vector mode for controlling the Oscillator 1-4.
  • 4 MultiEnvelopes with up to 15 sections and tempo-based and loop features
  • 14 LFOs with default destinations, and 4 free LFOs
  • Modulation Sequencer
  • Keyboard range and Velocity range modulation source.
  • Modulation Matrix with Advanced mode

Play Modes

  • 16voice Polyphonic
  • MPE Poly mode
  • Mono, Mono Low, Mono Hi
  • Legato, Legato Low, Legato Hi
  • Portamento modes with time or rate control
  • Sequencer 
  • Arpeggiator
  • Chord memory with up to  8 notes, velocity, panning, strumming, and tempo-based option
  • Unison modes available are 2 up to 6 Voices, 2 and 3 Octaves, 2 and 3 Special


  • 32 Steps
  • 4 Free Rows can be used as a source in the Modulation Matrix or FX section.
  • Ratcheting modes


  • Monophonic Sequencer with 32 Steps
  • Per step waveform selectable
  • Ratching modes


  • 4 FX with various routing options
  • 34 top-notch FX types
  • 2 modulation slots per FX


  • 6  user samples per preset
  • Granular for the single samples
  • Layer options for the 6 user samples, included split points and velocity split points.

Bank Manager

  • Preset section with Bank selector section.
  • Order by Date Preset listing option.
  • Find option.
  • Search Category option.

Back Panel

  • Various Global settings, also appearing the main GUI Control Menu
  • Global tuning option
  • Tuning Scale options
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