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  • XY-Transfer is a modular FX unit, which uses 3 blocks with selectable FX and a Stereo Delay to create its sound. 
  • By changing the ‘Path’ you can rearrange the audio routing of the 3 blocks and the Stereo Delay.
  • PC and Mac. 64bit AU/VST3/VST/AAX
  • 200+ presets


  • Each block has its own XY controller screen, so you can use the mouse to control all of XY-Transfer's controls by moving the red dot around the pad. 
  • It is also possible to record paths and use the XY pad as a programmable two-dimensional LFO.

Block Path

  • You can determine how the blocks and delays are arranged via the PATH menu.
    Delay> B1 > B2 > B3
    B1 > Delay > B2 > B3
    B1 > B2 > Delay > B3 
    B1 > B2 > B3 > Delay
    Delay > Parallel
    Parallel > Delay 

Block controls

  • Pan              
  • Volume
  • Mix           
  • Bypass
  • Commands: copy, paste, swap, load, and save the blocks to disk.

Block Effects

  • Filter
    The -Filter Bank - of XY-Transfer holds up to 36 Filter types, which already makes it a great tool to use on your audio. 
    For creating more of an edge, we have even added a Pre-Filter distortion control and Stereo Spread.
    The XY allows you to control the Filter in a dynamic way, being either ‘live’ by changing the dot or automated by using a recorded movement.
    XY-Transfer is pre-installed with a dedicated Filter bank folder, with many presets that use only 1 block and this extremely versatile - Filter -. 
    You can select Low Pass (LP), High Pass (HP), Band Pass (BP) and Notch Filter with different slopes (from 6db to 36db), plus we also have included vocal and EQ Filters.
    Low Pass Filter (LP)
    High Pass Filter (HP)
    Band Pass Filter (BP)
    Notch Filter
    For the 12 and 24dB Filters, there are 3 types, which have different tonal characters. 
    The Z Filters are zero-delay analog-modeled Filters.
    Vowel Filter
    Formant 1
    Formant 2
    Low Shelf
    High Shelf
    Peak Shelf
    Additional Filter controls are, Pre-Distort, and Stereo Spread
  • Comb
    A Comb Filter is a very short delay that either enhances or reduces the frequency depending on the comb Filter frequency. 
    In the XY section, you can directly modulate the Comb Filter Frequency and Feed and Dampening.
    The Comb Filter works in positive or negative modes depending on the Comb Type selected.
    Additional Comb controls are Stereo Spread and Random.
  • Shaper
    With this effect, you can 'shape' the input using several different types of modulation or another audio changing effect. 
    The available effects are: Ring Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, and a Lo-Fi effect.
  • Room
    The Room effect is a room simulator, adding depth to the sound and is taken from the RP-VERB 2 algorithm. 
    We selected this Room sound since it is very interesting to use, and when used in combination with the XY pad you can sculpt some very creative effect sounds.  
    A special feature is the “Mod” control that modulates the room so that it starts to sound very wild/untamed.
  • Gater
    The Gater effect changes the volume of the left & right signal using a 16 steps sequencer to alter the volume of the sound to give a 'Trance Gate' type effect. Basically, it is a sequencer-controlled audio gate.
  • Grains
    The Grain effects uses small snippets of sound, sampled from the input signal, that get played back in an infinite loop. The Grain effect can produce sounds that range from lush cloudy soundscapes to pitched oscillators, depending on the settings like size and rate.
    Multiple grains (up to 16) play at the same time. and they each have a volume envelope. The envelope shape is controlled by the Shape parameter. The playback pitch is determined by the Semi and Fine controls. You can tune in a particular pitch without affecting the length of the grain sample.
    Controls are: Size | Rate | Shape | Length \ Semi | Fine | Random | Link | Type | Sync | Grain Dry 
  • Stereo Delay
    Tape-based delay, which can be placed anywhere in the signal path.

Volume Follower which can be used as a modulation source, and also to trigger things.

Modulation Matrix
4 slot Modulation Matrix, so that all the parameters of XY-Transfer can be altered by a wide range of modulation source. 

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