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General info:

  • LoFi FX with additional distortion, Band Pass / Notch Filter, Hi-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, and Noise Gate
  • Disrupt Sphere control for creating FX changes
  • Audio Input Follower, for controlling LowSane's parameters
  • GUI sizes available are 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%

General controls:

  • Volume control
  • Edit / Original compare function
  • ECS (external MIDI controller setup)
  • Help ? opens the 'User Guide'
  • Control menu (upper right-hand side) with various general setting options
  • Dry/Wet control and Full Wet button

Preset section:

  • Presets are stored as files in clear categorized bank folders
  • 'Quick Browser', 'Recently Browsed' and 'Favourite' functions

Audio route:

  • Distortion àBand Pass / Notch à Lo Fi à Hi-Pass Filter àLow-Pass Filter àNoise Gate àAudio Output


  • Amount control
  • On/Off control

Band Pass / Notch Filter:

  • 12dB and 24dB Notch Filter with Q control
  • 12dB and 24dB Band Pass Filter with Q control
  • Stereo Separate feature, which alters the Left and Right Cutoff Frequency
  • Dry/Wet control
  • Volume Boost control
  • On/Off control

Lo Fi:

  • Sample Rate control 
  • Bit Rate control
  • Stereo Separate feature, which alters the Left and Right Sample Rate
  • Dry/Wet control
  • On/Off control

Hi-Pass Filter:

  • 12dB Hi Pass Filter
  • Cutoff control
  • Q control
  • On/Off control

Low-Pass Filter:

  • 12dB Low Pass Filter
  • Cutoff control
  • Q control
  • On/Off control

Noise Gate:

  • Threshold control
  • Attack time control
  • Hold time control
  • Release time control
  • On/Off control

Audio Follower:

  • Inputs available: Input, Side-input, BandPass/Notch Output, LoFi Output, HP LP Filter Output, Noise Gate Output, and the Output.
  • Threshold control
  • Smoothing control
  • Destination menu
  • Amount control
  • On/Off button.

Disrupt Sphere

  • The Sphere-Slider holds 8 available controls that can be connected to LowSane parameters.
  • The Sphere-Slider can move back to the center in a tempo-based way which we call the ‘Spring’ feature.
  • Spring back quantize.
  • ‘Lazy Mode’ so that the movement of the Sphere-Slider can be automated in different directions, which allows you to also create creative new types of sounds.
  • 'Lazy Mode' start triggers: Host (music program start) | Note | Pitch Bend | Mod Wheel | Breath Controller | Foot Pedal | Expression Pedal | MIDI Controllers 16-21 84-90

MIDI & Mod 1&2:

  • ‘MIDI & MOD 1 & 2’ control section can be used to influence various LowSane parameters including the ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’
  • 2 possible sources with amount control
  • 2 possible destinations with amount control

Back Panel:

  • Computer keyboard up/down
  • MIDI preset program change
  • MIDI bank change select
  • External MIDI control capture mode
  • MIDI Channel control
  • Screen size 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%
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