Rent to Buy

SubBoomBass 2 in 6 months for 6 x EURO 17-- | USD 17--

Please note:

  • The monthly payment is handled by ShareIt/E-commerce. These names will appear on your monthly payments for the Rob Papen - Rent To Buy - product.
  • In the ShareIt/MyCommerce it will appear as a subscription payment however, it is a spread payment option. So you will be renting the product for the given time and at the end of the term, the product is then owned.
  • You cannot transfer the -Rent to Buy- license to another person until the end of all payments has been completed.
  • In the case of failure of one of the agreed payments, we will contact you and will also block your serial and your account at until the payments have been settled.
  • The -Rent To Buy- price is a fixed price per month.
  • In the case of an upgraded product released during the -Rent to Buy- period, it will also include the upgrade and no extra cost will be added to the set payment amounts for your rental.
  • By purchasing a -Rent To Buy- product you also agree to the general license terms and conditions of the product.
  • Ahead of -Rent To Buy- please always try out the demo version of the product, to confirm it meets your expectation and suits your requirements.

If you agree to these terms and are sure you like to arrange the Rent2Buy for BLADE-2, please contact us

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