RP-Dock is a standalone host application for all our current Rob Papen products.
From BLUE-II, Predator 2, SubBoomBass to Blade, and all our FX plug-ins can also be loaded!

There are handy features like tempo setting and an audio recording/playback facility.
The audio setting for sample rate can be selected from 44.1Khz up to 96Khz(depending on your soundcard/device). 
Midi input offers merging of all connected Midi controllers and also included is an optional midi channel selector.

RP-Dock will host all current RP products and is completely free!
A great tool if you are playing live or in the studio or... simply cool if you just like to play around with the synthesizers or effects.

 Installation of RP-Dock Mac Version:

  • Download 'here' and run the installer on your Mac. (latest version 1.0.0a / 26 June 2013)
  • The RP-Dock program will appear in the Applications/Rob Papen/RP-Dockfolder after installation.
  • Double click the program 'RP-Dock' to start.
  • Alternatively you can run it from 'Spotlight' (upper right corner on your mac) and type 'RP-Dock' to start up the program.

Compatible with OS-X 10.6 or higher

Installation of RP-Dock PC version:

  • If you have installed the 64bit versions of the RP software, then please install the 64bit version of RP-Dock. Download the 64bit installer 'here' (latest version 13 December 2017).
  • If you installed the 32bit versions of the RP software, then please install the 32bit version of RP-Dock. Download the 32bit installer 'here' (latest version 13 December 2017).
  • First time you boot-up RP-Dock, select inside the ‘plug-in’ menu box the location of your VST folder where you have installed the RP products.
  • First time you boot-up, you will need to select the ASIO driver of your external audio card. If you use your computers built-in audio card, please read the 'note' below.
  • First time you boot-up. The audio input is ‘muted’ as default. Next time you boot up RP-Dock, these settings are stored.
  • Please check the 'audio card' settings for latency and audio routing. Default input and output = channel 1+2

Note:  the latest version of RP-Dock for PC uses ASIO audio drivers.
If you do not have ASIO installed (for instance if you do not own an external audio card, but use your computers internal built-in audio card). You can download a general ASIO driver called ASIO4ALL  'here' (-- we do not offer support for ASIO4ALL software --)

General info about 64bit operating systems and 32bit on 64bit computer operating systems:
- If you are running a 64bit computer operating system, the 64bit programs are usually installed inside the Program Files folder.
- If you are running 32bits music software on a 64bit computer system, you need to install RP-Dock 32bit version and the 32bit versions of the RP software. Located in the Program Files(x86) folder. 
We advise that you use 64bit versions of all our software if you have a compatible system running 64bit operating system and 64bit music programs.



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