• Mac version for OS-X 10.6 or higher.

  • File Menu with option to save and load setups.

  • PLUG-IN section with selector for loading RP plug-ins (Instruments and Effects)
    Volume knob control for the overall plug-in level with dB readout.
    Selector to open the chosen plug-in in a separate floating window.

  • General audio section with the option to switch audio from the sound card On/Off.
    Sample Rate selector (Sample rate depends on connected hardware).
    CPU usage display.                

  • Audio input section with select menu for the Core Audio or ASIO driver input channel.
    Level control for input signal.
    Mute button. (Mute is 'on' by default to prevent audio feedback when no plug-in is loaded).

  • Audio output section with select menu for the Core Audio or ASIO driver. output channel.
    Level control for output signal.
    Mute button.

  • Recorder/Player section.
    File Menu to select a recording.  Supported file type is WAV.
    Time display of the current time from the loaded file.
    Volume control for the file currently playing back.

  • MIDI section with input selector including 'All MIDI inputs'.
    MIDI Channel selector.
    MIDI Panic button (Reset All command for MIDI).
    Tempo setting with a range of 20-500bpm.
    Tap Tempo button.
    MIDI Clock setting (Internal / External)

  • Keyboard section with pitch-wheel and modulation-wheel.
    Mouse click velocity settings.

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