RP-Distort demo

This RP-Distort demo will be usable in your host (music software) for 30 minutes at a time, and for 30 days time in total. After this period noise is added to the sound. Also, in this demo, all bank and preset loading or saving is disabled. Also the full version of RP-Distort has far more presets and banks.

There are two options to download the demo version.
The first one is a bit more work but then you already have an account at our homepage.

1. Create an account at our homepage and request the demo version via
the "Your details" section.

Click here to create an account and requesting the demo version of RP-Distort.

Some providers like GMX and WEB block our emails.
We advice to use "GMAIL" as quality freeware email account.

If you did not get the demo-email, please contact us.

2. Direct demo request

{jumi [modules/demo.php}

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