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Here you can download the MIDI files for Punch: DOWNLOAD ZIP

Punch Grooves as MIDI Files:
Please read this carefully  (or the PDF in the ZIP file) before you start using the supplied MIDI files.
The MIDI files are placed inside folders that carry the name of the corresponding bank.
So please ensure that you extract the ZIP file so that the folder/file paths will be maintained.

In Punch 1.0.4 or higher, you will find the MIDI files installed inside the ‘MIDI’ folder located at the path where Punch was first installed.
However, you are also able to download these files separately so that you can place them into your own favorite location/folder.

Overview about Punch and its ‘Groove’ Sequencer:
As you know, Punch has a built in sequencer to generate ‘Grooves’.
We have added this feature as a cool addition for live performance and the sequences can also be started on a different bar/position inside your song, which in turn can lead to interesting variations! Another reason why we added the ‘groove’ sequences, is that you are able to use individual settings for each step, for instance; tune, panning and sound length (envsp) control.
These special settings per step makes it possible to produce very special/interesting grooves.

bank 02 HipHop & RnB 01 | preset 01 LowRide 01 94bpm.
Check out groove 1 and the Track 1 and step 08 which has a bit longer decay time (envsp) on the used BD1.

bank 03 Filmscore & TV01 | presets 29 DZone 03 100bpm.
Check out groove 1 and the Track 2 and step 09 which has a 48+ semi tune of the Sample 3 (timpani)

Important note:
Below you will find information about the MIDI-Files that we have extracted from the grooves of all presets up to(and including) Punch version 1.0.3e
Please keep in mind that the special settings (i.e. tune, panning and envsp) of the sequences inside Punch are not read by the MIDI-File and therefore some of the grooves may sound different
as they do when using the built in sequences of Punch.

MIDI files of Punch grooves:
Presets which have ‘bpm’ in their name, always have the sequencers active. So if you hit notes between C3 - G3, sequences will start to play.
It is not always the case that all sequences (groove 1-4 | break1- 4) are used.

Structure of the MIDI files:
We have placed the MIDI files inside the folder that correspond to the name of the preset bank.
Here is an example of a Punch MIDI file, belonging to the given preset.

Bank 03 Filmscore & TV 01 | preset 02 Deep 105bpm
name: 03 Filmscore & TV 01 pr02.mid
MIDI format 0 (one track / midi channel 10)
The MIDI file will play:
4 bars with groove 14 playing at the same time
4 bars with break 14
playing at the same time
4 bars with all grooves and breaks (everything) playing at the same time

Other MIDI files for Punch:
With the Punch 1.0.4 release there are dedicated MIDI files for certain presets.
The combination of MIDI files within Punch’s ‘Groove’ sequencer can be very creative!
Since you can tune the steps inside the sequencer or change envelope length, panning and so on.
So in our newer sound banks, it may be that the MIDI files will be used in conjunction with triggering one of the sequences. The sequences will appear in the MIDI files as ‘note on’ and
note off’ with the notes ranging between C3-G3.

Example preset: Bank 03 Filmscore & TV 02 | preset 01 August groove

In general if you can see a preset without the ‘BMP’ mentioned, check the midi folder to see if there is a groove available.
Some presets will have ‘groove’ in their name to show that there is a MIDI file available for that particular preset.

 -- Punch MIDI files document v.1.0.2 --

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