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Review: It would be accurate to say that at All Things Gear we love Predator.
Predator looks great, sounds great, and is worth every penny.

Beat Magzine, Germany
Predator erindet zwar den Synthesizer nicht neu, präsentiert diesen aber in einer selten gewordenen „Wunschlos-Glücklich“-Ausstat-tung und dank Multiwave-Oszillatoren auch mit extrem fettem Sound. Vorbildlich sind auch die Modulations-Möglichkeiten sowie die vielen intelligenten Helfer und die üppigen Effekte.
Rob Papen beweist mit diesem Entwurf ein-drucksvoll, dass man auch ohne Gigabyte-große Sample-Bibliotheken aus einem Plug-in hochinteressante und vielseitige Sounds holen kann. Empfehlung: unbedingt anhören.
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Conclusion test:
Predator doesn't re-invent the synthesizer, but it presents itself with a design that leaves no wishes unfulfilled and, thanks to the multiwave oscillators, can sound extremely fat. Also exemplary are the modulation options as well as the many intelligent helpers and the luxurious effects section.
With this concept, Rob Papen proves that even without gigabytes of sample material you can get highly interesting and versatile sounds from a plug-in.
Our recommendation: You need to try this one!
Predator got the "Beat Magazine Editor's Choice" award.
==>For the full review order the magazine 04/07 at Beat.


Studio Magazine, Sweden
- Big sound possibilities
- Very easy to use and understand
- Clever tools for creating new sounds
- The way of handling presets could be easier.

Quality: 5/5
Stabilty/CPU load: 4/5
Functions: 4/5
User friendlyness: 5/5
Value: 4/5

Carl Lofgren from Studio Magazine
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Musician's life, Germany

German online test at and we received the "Redactions tip!"


FutureMusic, England
1 Top-quality presets and sound
2 Flexible, intuitive architecture and GUI
3 Built-in help system, Germany

German online test at
++++ druckvoller Basisklang
+++ hervorragende Presets
+++ einfache Klangprogrammierung
-- Kategorisierung der Presets und fehlende Suchfunktion



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