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Presets / Folder & Global Section:

  • Over 750 Presets sorted in Bank Folders
  • Additionally, there is a ‘Quick Browser’, ‘Favorites’ and ‘Star’ system in the bank manager.
  • ECS (External MIDI Control) Go2 can modify its sound parameters dynamically in response to MIDI messages received from an external controller. These settings can be saved and loaded from your HardDisk.
  • Help which opens up Go2's PDF manual.
  • Bank Manager
  • Go2 Logo Clicking on the Go2 logo takes you to the Back Panel. The Back Panel shows global settings and infrequently accessed controls.

Oscillator Section:
The heart of Go2 is the morph oscillator, this oscillator allows you to morph (using Go2's various morph modes) between two different waveforms.

  • First and Seconds Waveforms (Wave-A and Wave-B)
  • Oscillator Morph Mode. The Morph Mode menu determines how the oscillator combines the two waves First Wave and Second Wave. The modes are: Mix, Morph, Ring, FM, Inter, and Range.
  • Oct setting
  • Spread (creates a stacked 2 oscillator sound)
  • Sub. The sub-oscillator knob lets you select two different waveforms being sinus or square..
  • Sym (Sym controls the symmetry of the oscillator waveform)
  • SMOD (Symmetry Modulation) Amount
  • Symmetry modulation controls how much the symmetry position changes over time. 
  • SMOD (Symmetry Modulation) SpeedSmod Speed sets the frequency of the LFO that changes the symmetry position.

XY Section
The XY pad is a combination of a live, interactive control and also an automated programmable modulation source
XY Controls

  • Edit (While in Edit mode, you can move the path's points around and thus edit the XY Path manually).
  • Play Speed  (The Play Speed control alters the playback speed of the recorded XY Path)
  • Modes: Poly, Free or Mono
  • Loop modes: off, loop or bidirectional loop
  • Sync To (Tempo sync the XY movement)
  • Points (from 2 points up to 128 points)
  • Space Quantize (Space Quantize restricts the points in the current path to a set of grid lines)
  • Time Quantize (Time Quantize sets the update frequency of the XY position)
  • Draw Osc (the XY screen also shows the current oscillator output if you like)
  • Commands (XY Menu with the many additional options like the preset path).

Filter Section
Analog modeled filter.

  • Cutoff Frequency
  • Q (Resonance)
  • Filter Types: 12dB LowPass, 12dB BandPass, 12db Notch, 24dB LowPass I, 24dB LowPass II, 24dB BandPass, 24dB Notch, and Comb.
  • Cutoff Frequency Modulation: Velocity (Vel), Key Track, Modulation Wheel, Envelope (Env)
  • Filter Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and reverse control. (Graphic mode or dial mode option selectable in the Play mode section)

HighPass Filter
Additional Filter behind the main filter.

  • With On/Off function,
  • keyboard tracking On/off,
  • Q (Resonance) On/Off and amount control
  • Cutoff Frequency.

Amplifier Section
The final volume control in Go2 with distortion on voice level.

  • Distortion
  • Volume control
  • Velocity (Vel > Vol)
  • Pan
  • Volume Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. (Graphic mode or dial mode option selectable in the Play mode section)

Play Mode Section
Arranges how Go2 plays its engine and additional features and settings can be found in this section.

  • Play Modes: Poly (16voice), Mono, Legato, and Arpeggiator
  • Portamento with: Speed control, Rate or Time Mode, Held Rate or Held Time mode
  • Port Amount
  • Unison and chords
    In Unison mode, Go2 plays up-to 4 unison voices, for each note played. This works at an Oscillator / Filter level, so you can still play up-to 16 voices in poly mode.
  • Unison modes and chords:
    Unison 2-4
    2 Octave
    3 Octave
    2 SP
    Major to Diminished 7th chord (3voice and 4 voice)
    Unison Detune Amount
    Unison Stereo Spread
  • Pitch Bend Up / Down (The unit used is semi-tones)
  • Drift On/Off When this is on the oscillator has 'analog drift' i.e. it has a very slight & slow drifting of tuning over time.
  • Exp Env (Selects if the envelopes decay/release stages are linear or have an exponential characteristic).

Arpeggiator section
Go2 offers a classic style Arpeggiator with some unique features, like sequencer mode and unison/chord control per step.

  • The Arpeggiator has up to 16 steps. Per step you can set the following values:
    Step On/Off
    Tie (Tie note)
  • Steps (amount of Steps 1-16)
  • Speed (for example 2 x tempo or ¼ x tempo)
  • Arp Modes:
    Up, Down, Up/Down, Random, Ordered, Rev. Ordered, Ordered Up/Down, Ordered Down/Up, Chord, Sequencer, Sequencer Reset
  • Octave
  • Tie modes: Normal, Special, Toggle 1, toggle 2
  • Lock Mode option 
  • Swing
  • Slide amount
  • Vel / Key (Responds to the velocity setting of the step or the keyboard input)
  • Host Sync
  • Latch
  • Key Entry
  • Arpeggiator Command Menu

Free LFO Section
Go2 has a Free LFO that generates modulation signals to be used sources in a modulation path.

  • Waveform types: The available waveforms are Sine, Triangle, Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, S&H.
    Except for the S&H waveform, the waveforms are available in different start phases being 0 (normal), 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
  • Speed
  • Sync (Tempo Sync option)
  • Modes: Poly, Free, Mono

Free Envelope Section

  • Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Sustain-Fade and Release
  • Option to temp sync.

Modulation Matrix Section
The 8-way modulation matrix allows you to dynamically alter Go2's parameters. using both internal modules such as envelopes and LFOs, and external MIDI Controllers such as Pitch Bend,
Aftertouch and other control messages defined in the MIDI-standard.
FX Section
Go2 has 3 fx units in serial mode

  • Chorus
  • Flanger or Phaser
  • Stereo Delay or Reverb
  • Bypass all

Bank Manager Section

There are four main sections: Presets, Find, Search Category and Set Category. For each section, the Banks are visible on the right-hand side. While in the Preset screen in the Bank Manager you can mark any Preset with a Star if you like the Preset

Back Screen
A click on the Go2 logo will display the back panel. The back panel contains several global controls that affect all instances of Go2. 

  • Computer Keyboard Up / Down
  • External MIDI Control Capture Mode.
  • MIDI Program / Bank Change.
  • MIDI Channel 
  • Tuning with .tun files option
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