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Download below the zip file, unzip and copy the bank into Blue_banks folder
which can be found in the plugins 'Rob Papen' folder BLUE.

  • Jomal Download bnk 1 - Download bnk 2
  • Teksonik Download
  • Elvar Download
  • D-Fusion (2banks) Download
  • Dr. Tim Waters (2banks) Download
  • Dr. Tim Waters (1bank synth sounds) Download
  • Antonio Sage Download
  • Peter den Herder Download
    This soundset contains 3 free soundbanks (96 patches) for Rob Papen's Blue 1.8. In this soundset you'll find various 303-imitations, fm-basses,
    organs, oldschool House sounds, arpeggio's, Dance reggae chords, game sounds, synthflutes and more.
    Genre: Mainly Dance. Almost all sounds use the modulation wheel for a sound variation.

Please check out also these commercial soundbank for BLUE :

  • Le Lotus Bleu
    French commercial soundbank for BLUE from Le Lotus Bleu.
  • Arksun
    Featuring everything from analog style bass sounds to crystal digital leads and lushious pads,
    you'll find plenty of high quality useable sounds for your own productions.
  • Nucleus Soundlab
    Soundset I
    Designer Shaun Wallace has carefully crafted 150 presets with a unique sense of creativity, while displaying BLUE's amazing sound quality and limitless possibilities. Sapphire contains pristine digital sounds as well as rich analog-inspired madness. Sapphire utilizes BLUE's unique architecture and routing capabilities to create rich new timbres and colors unheard of in the digital realm. You'll find searing leads, pulsating arpeggios, minimal basses, and ethereal keys inside the patchset.

    Soundset II
    Sapphire II is Sonic Element's new patch set for Rob Papen's BLUE. This is sound designer Shaun Wallace's follow-up to his critically
    acclaimed Sapphire soundset from Nucleus SoundLab. Sapphire II seeks to build upon the legacy and synthesis trickery of the original
    Sapphire. Sapphire II pushes BLUE to its limits exploring every modulation and synthesis possibility for a truly unique sonic experience.
    Sapphire II's sonic arsenal ranges from ambient to VGM based sounds. In addition the sounds vary from aggresive leads, fat basses, somber
    keys, and ethereal bliss with rhythmic and microtonal sensibilities molded into every patch. The sounds were designed with both the professional and hobbyist in mind. Users will find patches prime for layering and also one note wonders. Sapphire II holds a mountain of potential for any musical genre. Sapphire II contains:
    - 160 presets for Rob Papen's BLUE
    - $27.95 USD (24-48 hrs for delivery)
    - Compatible with BLUE 1.7 and up
    - Mod Wheel & Aftertouch Mapped
    mp3 demo link:

    product page:
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