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Review by Andy Dollerson
It’s a big challenge to create a synth that balances the strengths of sounding fantastic, providing a lot of room for creativity, yet having intuitive layout and instant accessibility, all in a compact package that doesn’t drain your CPU. I would say that there isn’t a synth out there that has this balance as well as BLUE II.

MusicNation: The Planet Crusher! Rob Papen Blue 2 synth.
Theres no denying Blue-II is a beast of a synth with a clear and easy to understand work flow.


Review by MusicRadar

Excellent X/Y pad. Wavesequencing. Superb sample selection. Improved FM. Top-notch presets.


Keyboard magazine review by Kim Aikin

It’s clear that Blue II is going to become one of my favorite software instruments. It has a powerful and versatile sound, as the hundreds of top-quality factory presets prove, and the features for massaging the presets are both deep and easy to use.


Reviewed by Matt Loose: Keyboard player for Trent, one of the bands that lead worship at Trent Vineyard in Nottingham.
Check out their Facebook page here or their band page here.

Review by


The Rob Papen Blue II synthesizer quite possibly heralds the future of synthesis – crossfusion. The synth is easy to use, very versatile, and sounds great. The plugin boasts a good-looking interface, with a sound to match.



Andy Jones MT Editor: It's like lifting the bonnet of your car for the first time and discovering a monster engine.


Intuitive, attractive design, fantastic sound, CPU-efficient, huge wealth of oscillator, filter and effect options.

Rob Papen Blue II Synth Review – Return Of The Super Synth


Doktor Fell: Blue-II will become the go-to for many seeking an all-round synth capable of outputting subtractive, FM, PD and wavetable timbres that can be warped, à la vector synthesis, with great ease.

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