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Hello there,

Predator 1.6.2 has been released!

RPNew filter types, new fx types and different GUI colour option! And, of course, a lot new presets have been added as well, new classic synth, DuBstep, Trance etc presets.
Also the Trance session bank by Gizeh has new presets and a very special classic synthesizer music bank has been added, programmed by Michel van Osenbruggen of SYNTH.NL
If you already own Predator 1.6, just login to our homepage and download the latest installer. All the new features are listed below.
Also there are two new tutorials, the first one is an introduction to Predator, wise to check because you might discover some things you never noticed before.
Predator is very user-friendly synthesizer, which the introduction video shows but it is also full of hidden gems. The second video is about the great Filter-2 modes called 'split'.

Click: Predator tutorials

Predator 1.6.2 its new features:

  • New oscillator modulation types: PM, Sign, Max, Min, S&H Mix
  • New filter types: 12dB & 24dB LP/HP/BP and Notch (type 2), Comb - filter and two new formant filters
  • Filter 2 with all filter types added included Q control
  • Filter 2 panning moved into filter section (was advance panel)
  • Tempo sync Free Envelope 1&2
  • New fx added: stereo tape delay, tape flanger and analogue phaser
  • Alternative GUI color (more light grey color)
  • Optimized DC offset respond
  • Back panel offers global tuning and tuning scales (.tun files)
  • Midi program change and midi bank select can be turned off
  • New classic synth music by SYNTH.NL | 30  Synth NL bank |
  • New session presets with Gizeh (trance banks):
    30 Gizeh Trance 2 | 30 Gizeh Trance 3
  • New presets inside these banks: 02 Predator dance 02 | 03 Classic synth 03 and 04 | 04 HipHop RnB 02| 05 Trance and PsyTrance 03 | 12 DubStep 02 | 11 all SFX 02 | 20 all basses 04
  • Manual is again PDF and can be opened if you click at the ? button (lower right corner)

More about Predator here where you can also request the demo version of Predator.

RP-Distort for free

If you purchase a RP product, before the end of 2011, then register this at our homepage. You will also receive a free copy of RP-Distort!

Quote of Rob Abernethy about RP-Distort (

Its brilliant!   The presets and parameters within the Distort section are extremely musical.  Youve added additional FX in Distort that I usually throw in after I use distortion...EQ, Gate, Filter, and Comp.  Perfect combination.  And the Widen is very clever and comes in handy many times when I wouldnt have thought about adding it myself.   Thanks so much.

RPIf you already own a RP product (BLUE, Predator, RG, SubBoomBass, RP-VERB, RP-Delay, Albino3 or Punch) than Log-in to the homepage and visit the My Products section and request your own RP-Distort!

This deal runs untill end of 2011.
Note: this product can not be resold or transferred.


Inspiration wishes, yours


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