Valentino Jorno

Composer/Engineer/Producer , Painter & Tattoo Artist.
Labels owner of: Jorno Records & PsyShark Records.

Valentino has 3 different musical projects:
1- Valentino Jorno: (Focusing on Trance music & other electronic music styles).
2- VJorno: Psy-Progressive Trance (Melodic Psy-Trance).
3- PsyShark: PsyTrance Style (non-melodic, heavy Psychedelic style).

Valentino entered the electronic music production industry with his first Project "PsyShark" , back in 2006.
also in the same year he has established PsyShark-Records (focusing on many sort of PsyTrance Music),
the label has many releases by known Psy-Trance producers.

later on Valentino has established Jorno Records, that is focusing on other styles of electronic dance music.

Valentino is well known under the stage-name of PsyShark in the PsyTrance scene, and higly respected by many producers due
to his free contribution to new producers and even experienced ones.

you can stay tuned at his following pages:

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