Michael Chrysanthou aka "Smokescreen" is a North London based songwriter, music producer and audio engineer.
As of the last 2 years he has been leaving his mark amongst the who's who of the music industry, and laying down the foundation for a musical revolution.
At an early age Michael decided he wanted to make a change in music. Drawing upon his musical Influences, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Dr Dre, Amy Winehouse, D'angelo, Nirvana, George Michael he began to craft his own style. As songwriters and producers all these guys stand the test of time for the young Londoner.
"If I can inject the experiences I go through in life into a sound that is full of energy then I think I've found the perfect recipe".
His work and colaborations to date have included Alex Hobbs (American Idol 2013) Mampi Swift (Charge Records) David Avery (The Inbetweeners, Dr Who), VJ Rosales (The Voice, The Sing Off) and Will Dynamite to name a few.
Not following a formula is hard thing to do in todays music industry and living by these rules is not an easy life to lead. Having a unique identity is what makes an artist special and when listening to a Smokescreen production you know only he could have done it.

Quote: "Music is not just my job, it is my passion.  
When I approach a project it is vital to use the right tools.
Working with Rob Papen always makes my creative process so much more easier.
The quality of the Explorer III bundle is by far one of the best Virtual Instrument bundles out today.
Predator and Blue are both Instruments I use heavily in all my projects.
They give me the freedom to really explore a sound and make it stand out from the rest.
I recommend this bundle for any producer."

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