Romerium is an electronic music artist from Holland.

He began writing music from an early age and he has a fascination for mystic, romantic and emotional synthesizer soundscapes. 
Fantasy and emotions are the components that run as a firm thread through his music.
His most favourite software synthesizers are from Rob Papen.
The sound is of a very high quality and comes very close to the original synthesizers.

Romerium often uses flowing sounds and he lets the beauty of the instruments and sounds demand their attention.
"I try to stimulate the listener's imagination with my music, without a clear message, statement or story. I see my music as a painting, painted with instruments. 
It is dreamy, so the listener makes his own picture story and lets his feelings speak. My music  therefore evokes for each person its own atmosphere and feeling and thus creates a unique image for everyone.
This is very important to me, in order to preserve my originality in my music as much as possible".

Romerium's music varies from ambient with new age influences through minimal, drone, Berliner Schule, space, chill and funk.
In the recent years he made also a few albums in collaboration with Martin Neuhold and Thaneco.
The music from this exceptional keyboardist is never aggressive and always beautiful.
Romerium is one of the most original EM artists around !

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