Rob Fabrie

Rob Fabrie

It all started out in 1990 with Holy Noise ( Rob Fabrie, Paul Elstak & Richard van Naamen).
The track “ Father forgive them “was released on the Belgium based Hithouse Records.
The follow-up was “ Get down everybody “ an it was an instant hit.
After that “ James brown is still alive “ hit the charts in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany,
Japan and other countries.
Several top 10 positions were reached Holy Noise was succesful.
After that period the producers of Holy Noise made the first record on Rotterdam Records,
It was called “ Amsterdam waar lech dat dan “ an is untill today considered one of the most
influential records that started out the Gabber house cultus.

Rob went on to make records under the name of Somebody from Rotterdam and with an alias
name Waxweazle.
With that name Rob got a recorddeal & labeldeal at ID & T.
He was given the opportunity to have his own label called : Waxweazle Vinyl.
The label had 30 releases and DJ Waxweazle played on famous raves like Thunderdome,
Global Hardcore Nation, The Love Parade, Nightmare raves and gigs in : Italy, Germany,
Belgium, Austria, Switserland and Eire.

Nowadays Rob produces hardcore records under the name of Headbanger and is playing
again on big raves in the USA and all the other countries mentioned.
His “ Headbanger’s theme” is an anthem all over the globe.
Rob is workin with Rotterdam Terror Corps and Paul Elstak.
And hits like Alienator “Prey” and RTC vs Headbanger “Bangin your fist “ now rule the

The trance side of Rob started with a get together with Ed Bout ( Critical Mass) and together
they formed the project Mindwalkers.
It was released on the Midtown sublabel Massive Drive Gold and sold really well.
The tracks were on several compilations and the follow – up was made.
Together with Ed came projects like Kokopelli and Oblivion on Midtown’s Celebrative label
and Children of Roswell on Momentum Records at Essential Dance Music.
Rob started also to make solo trance records and the first was Daydreamer “ The Beginning “
on Byte Blue.
On Premium Records (Midtown) he made Sunrider “Maiden Voyage” and “ Ecliptic “.
Then came the Gizeh project in cooperation with Liquid (NL).
The first 12 “ was “ The rain / Ra” and sold really well and made it on lots of compilations.
The follow – up was “Orion” and it did the same.
Then came the proposal from Liquid to make a remix of a track called “ Daytime” ( Carlo
And the remix quickly was played by a lot of DJ’s.
The record became a great hit and was sold to many countries.

Thanks 2 that remix a lot of important lables suddenly wanted a Gizeh remix.
Just to name a few :

•Boy Wunda

Through the Gizeh project Rob was accepted to make a record on the famous Tsunami label.
The name of the project was Stargate “ Beams of light “ and through the Purple Eye company
Rob was introduced to Maykel Piron ( Warner Music).
The project Futura “ Far horizon “ is sceduled for release feb. 2001.
Also the new Gizeh is comming out and a project between Robert Smit (Tsunami) & Rob is
planned for 2001.

The club music side of Rob really started when he was released on midtown’s famous Blue
The first release was Fab Flavour “Feed the kitty “ and it hit the dance charts in Holland.
The follow – up “ Burnin like fire “ also quickly reached the dance charts and sold really well
and also had some licenses.
Another record for Blue Records was made under the name DJ Rob Fabrie “ Going out to all
the DJ’s” and it made it to the Top 5 in the Dutch Dance Charts.
Rob went on to work with DJ Lars and they formed the Bushwankaz.
The first record came out on the Blue Limited label and the title was “Action”.

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