Rami Yacoub

Rami began his musical journey at the age of 13 as a bass player doing gigs around the local Stockholm scene. By the age of 18, he discovered a talent
for songwriting and producing and never looked back.

In 1998 Max Martin in need of a producing partner approached Rami and asked him to join the legendary Cherion camp in Stockholm, Sweden…the rest is pop music history.
Rami’s first collaboration with Max was producing the groundbreaking hit “Baby one more time” which launched the career of Britney Spears. For over 10 years as a producer/songwriter Rami created some of pop music’s biggest hits and sold over 150 million records worldwide.

After Cherion closed its doors in 2001, Rami and Max Marin opened up Maratone Studios, and the hits kept on coming.
Rami is currently setting up a new studio in LA for his frequent trips there. The future continues to look bright for this gifted writer and producer, expect some new hits with Enrique, Danity Kane, and Shayne Ward in 2007.

Rami’s discography includes:

Backstreet boys: “Don’t wanna lose you now” “Don’t want you back” “Drowning” “Get another boyfriend” “It’s Gotta Be You” “I still” “Larger than life” “Shape of my heart “The Call”
Bon Jovi: “It’s my life”
Britney Spears: “..Baby one more time” “Bombastic love” “Cinderella” “Crazy” “Don’t go knocking on my door” “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” “I will be there” “Lucky” “Oops..i did it again” “Overprotected” “Stronger” “What U see (is what U get)” “Where are you now”
Celine Dion: “Faith” “In his Touch” “Love is all we need”
Danity Kane: “Stay With Me” Lutricia Mc Neal: “Aint that just the way” “Stranded”
Michael Bolton: “Only A Woman” N’sync: “It’s Gonna Be Me” “Tell me, tell me baby” Nick Carter “I just wanna take you home” “I’ve got you” “Blow your Mind”
Pink: “U and Ur hand” Westlife: “I need you” “Miss you” “No No” “Soledad” “What I want is what I’ve got” “When you’re looking like that” "Something Right" "Us Against The World" "Pictures In My Head" "The Easy Way"
Marion Raven: “End of me” “Gotta be kidding” “here I am” “In spite of me” “Little by little” “Six feet under”
Enrique Iglesias: "Miss You" "Wish I Was Your Lover"
The Veronicas: "Everything I'm Not" Shayne Ward "Breathless" "No U Hang Up" "Got Me So" "U Make Me Wish" "Damaged" "Some Tears Never Dry" "Melt The Snow" "Until You"
Lesley Roy: "Unbeutiful"

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