Noisia are a three-man production collective from The Netherlands consisting of Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger.

At the start of their recording career they were focused mainly on drum 'n bass, but the recent years have clearly showed their diversity as producers. From remixing to producing pop albums, from hiphop to breakbeat, Noisia have proven themselves capable while maintaining a strong foothold in the drum 'n bass scene and staying true to their signature sound: dirty, but clean. The same attitude is to be found in their DJ-sets: they play mostly drum 'n bass, but don't be surprised if you find yourself with your hands in the air when a 4/4 beat at 133 bpm drops in the middle of the set!

2008 has been an amazing year for Noisia.

- After remixing for Pendulum & The Freestylers in 2006, and for Robbie Williams in 2007, in 2008 they were asked by Moby to remix his "Alice". Uniquely, they released the 12 inch vinyl versions of both remixes on their own drum 'n bass label "Vision", while Mute took care of the cd- and digital distribution.

- The first pop album Noisia produced, "Colour of Me" by South Africa's Tasha Baxter (released on EMI in 2007), won two South African Music Awards: best pop album (!) and best newcomer artist.

- Skint records re-released "Gutterpump" and pushed it in to airplay on both music television channels and mainstream radio stations.

- Sony Playstation's legendary Wipeout series continued featuring Noisia's "Seven Stitches", a song written specially for the latest installment of the series: Wipeout HD. Seven Stitches was released on Division recordings with "Groundhog" on the aa-side. Groundhog will also be featured on Motorstorm 2, another Playstation 3 game.

- Fabric's CD-release series "Fabriclive" hit number 40, with Noisia delivering a cross-genre mix receiving praise from both within and outside the drum 'n bass scene.

- As DJ's, they've experienced yet another crazy year of touring. They startied and ended the year 2008 in the lush Australian summer. In between they've played metropolises like Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Paris etc etc, meanwhile frequenting the UK as if it were their home country.

- But most of all, in 2008 the three have focused on producing their first album after six years of releasing singles. The album will be a manifesto of the diversity Noisia stands for, a blend of tempos and styles, listening music rooted firmly in dance music, with the consistent dirty yet clean production quality they are known for.

2009 will prove to be an even more interesting year as their album finds its way to listeners worldwide. An album-release tour is to be expected.

- Besides the album, Noisia have also just recently done something they'd always wanted to do: they have remixed for The Prodigy. The Noisia remix of "Omen" is released midway february 2009.

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