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The sum of the spiritual 3 and the material 4 is 7. The Chinese believed in the seven stages of a woman, long before Shakespeare wrote of the seven ages of man. To Christians seven was spiritual perfection, in line with the Egyptians faith tracing the seven paths to heaven. Seven Deadly Sins. Lucky number 7. In only one place do these seven divergent philophies and principles converge.... Charge7.

Charge7 is the latest 2009 style evolution by the successful German Top 10 producer Martin Dorn a.k.a M7 MARTINO "The new Trevor Horn" (iMIX-Magazine). When rock style power ballads meet electronic club music, you end up with a hi-def jam that intrigues pop/rock, hip-hop and club audiences. "The new face of power Electro-Pop" (BRE Magazine USA). With 'Supercharged' and 'Like A Shadow In The Dark' M7 reinvented the rock power ballad for the electro age. (iMIX Magazine)

"Music has the power to transcend time and space, to bring back memories," says M7 Martino. "Where is all the great music gone? Foreigner, Mister Mister, Whitesnake, Duran Duran, Van Halen, Frankie goes to Hollywood, INXS, The Police??"

He goes on to say "America, Japan and Europe are ready for some new vibes and tired about another bad copy of the copy and wanna be gangsta lyrics. As you can hear on Supercharged, I wanted to bring some elementary basics back - the honesty, the emotion, the beat, like I always say, the passion back to music." Throughout his life, Martino has always been known for his charisma and vision. An activator, reactivator and motivator.

CHARGE 7 sponsored by M7-MUSIC & AMG-Mercedes is M7's latest strike against the average and the "blink blink" in music outside. With the hard hitting beats that are laid down, it will certainly find its demographic and peak creative interest from other artists. Another interesting thing about the album is that each song based on real life events. The arresting music videos capture a serie of "short-stories" in chronological order sponsored by AMG-Mercedes & M7-MUSIC.

His passion and drive has enabled him to be sought even by some of the most exceptional music writers and composers which he has admired since the 80’s. M7 Martino is known to be one of the most ambitious and talented producers on the scene connecting both the European and American markets with a superior music format.

M7 About RP synths.

Great job Rob! Blue, Predator and this Subboombass thing are just sick. If you know how to use them.. one of the most powerful and unique "gear" for involving into modern music production. M7 says RESPECT ;)

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