Dub Master X

Dub Master X  was working as dub engineer of legendary Japanese dub raga band Mute Beat.
He is creating unique and origin sound for club music and pop music.
Now he is a Remixer, recording live mix engineer and DJ.

His release...
1990.“Dub Wa Crazy" series
1992. "Dub Master X", "Dub Master X II", "Side Job"
1993. "L.M.X" by Luv Master X (Hiroshi Fujiwara & Dub Master X) 2000. "Dub's Music boX"
2009. "Dub Summer Pop"
2010. Join to amazing remixer unit "Moonbug"
2015. Union "DUBFORCE" for Hirofumi Asamamoto

Remix works
Ayumi Hamasaki, Mirai Koda, Every Little Thing, globe, Ami Suzuki, Do As Infinity, Tomomi Kahara

Seiko Ito, Pizzicato Five Moon Riders, The Blue Hearts, Collectors, Kiriji

PA / FOH works
Deftec, SUGIZO, Ko Shibasaki, m-flo, Kasekisider, Mayumi Kojima, THE MAN, SOUR, Heavenstamp, KanekoNobuaki, POLARIS ..etc


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