DJ Baku

Born in Tokyo 1978 . DJ / Track-maker/ Music Producer/ Turntablist.
He began his music as a disk jockey when he was 16.
Later in the 90’s, He was a part of the creation of “??(Hannya)” Hip hop unit with ??, Rumi the rappers After it broke up, DJ BAKU mix tape titled “KAIKOO WITH SCRATCH 1999” was released on DIS-DEFENSE DISC his own record label. And he released several mix tapes from same label, in spit of being indie label, which sold more than 30,000 copies.
In 2003, He began his career as track-maker when he created the song titled “Matador Office” in “Matador” Debut album of Japanese hip hop group “MSC”.
In 2005, the DVD of the documentary film “KAIKOO/ ??” was completed. The film follows DJ BAKU and Japanese underground music scenes.
In 2006, He released the 1st album “SPINHEDDZ” (2008 U.S. ver was released on N2O Records as Known as DJ Starscream from Slipknot, Omar from MarsVolta released their solo album ).
In 2008, 2nd Album “DHARMA DANCE” was released on “POPGROUP RECORDS” Which he challenged Dance music in earnest. One of the album’s songs “AKBAH ATTACK” is used for “PUMA”‘s commercial and a film screened at the Cannes international Film festival.
in 2009, he released 3rd Album “12JAPS”. The title refers to the fact that 12 representative Japanese Rappers are featured Later that year, DJ BAKU and POPGROUP promoted the music festival “KAIKOO POPWAVE FESTIVAL ’10” in Harumi-huto, Tokyo. The Festival recorded about 17,000 collecting customers in 2 days.
Recently, he continues to actively try new things as collaborates with Seiko Ito, Nanao Tabito, Remixes the songs of “Yakushimaru Etsuko”(?????), “Shibuya Keichiro”, Formed a unit with “KYONO”(ex.THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS).
And now his music aboves genres and borders.
He was invited Korea, Taiwan, France, Rosia, Australia, New Zealand to give performances and works internationally with DJs, Bands, Rappers from abroad.
in 2012, he produced the film music of the TURNTABLE RIDER”. It was highly praised by people in the film industry and won the Foreign Language Film Award of “LONDON INTERNATIONAL AWARD” Film Section.
In June 2013, he released his 4th original album “JapOneEra” for the first time in 5 years.
Since 2014, he’s been using his Bandcamp page for showing unreleased track.
He won the Sound clash of “OUTLOOK FESTIVAL JAPAN 2015” And this 2015, He founded his own new label titled “KAIKOO ” for the next step.
He is creating new original album “NEO TOKYO RAVE STYLE” now!!!

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