Cristian Delano

Cristian Delano

Producer, songwriter and engineer.
With a GRAMMY Nomination under his belt for Album of the Year (Lady Gaga: The
Fame Monster) at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY awards, Lead Guitarist on the Backstreet
Boys 2006 USO Tour in Europe, an Exclusive Endorsement by Martin Guitars, and his
continued work with A-List artists and top colleagues in the music industry, Christian
Délano, a Producer, Songwriter, and Mix Engineer, continues to push the envelope a
little more each day to leave his imprint amongst the great.

Born in the 80’s, this Miami native, raised in Curacao, grew up surrounded by music,
and fell in love with it from an early age. Christian says, “Growing up in the
Caribbean, he was heavily influenced by world-cultured music”. At the age of 12, he
was determined to play every possible instrument he could teach himself, and he
quickly learned how to play Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, and Drums. As his love
for music grew more, he became fond of the studio life, and became a studio
musician, lending his talents to many.

In Early 2001, he embarked on a new path, Producing. Christian enrolled at Full Sail
University in Orlando, Florida, to learn more of the technical side of producing music.
While at the university, he learned how to program music, work in a studio
environment with musicians, applied his music skills to create new sounds, and
ultimately became a sound engineer upon completing his degree.

In early 2003, he moved back to Miami, and began working as an engineer at South
Beach Studios, where Tom Lord Alge resides. From there he continued on to become
a Staff Engineer at Circlehouse for the next two years, where he worked on many hiphop
projects with producers and artists such as: Scott Storch, P.Diddy, Lil Jon, and
Pharrell Williams just to name a few.

From Miami, Christian’s next big career move took him to Los Angeles in 2005. Now in
LA, he works as a freelance producer, and continues to learn and work each day
with top producers and colleagues in the game. His main focus is to continue to
expand his production work, and knowledge in all genres of the industry. Staying
grounded and focused in this industry are huge factors in reaching the level of
success you want, Christian did and continues to do just that. His skills and knowledge
have allowed him to work with the greats, and has landed him recognition and
respect among his peers.

Christian Délano’s Credits include:

Lady Gaga Album: The Fame Monster
Lil Jon Album: Crunk Rock
Michael Jackson Album: Michael
The Game Album: The Red Album

Britney Spears Album: Circus (UK and Japan Bonus track) Amnesia
                      Album: Circus (Itunes bonus track) Quicksand

Natasha Bedingfield Album: Pocketful of Sunshine
                                        2.Pocketful of sunshine

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