CD HATA is a musician, producer and DJ.

Some of his works have been released by Beatport. 

Member of well known Japanese psychedelic jam band "Dachambo" and also leaderof his solo project “CD HATA & MASARU”,“CD HATA×KOYAS”?”Polar Chalors”

CD HATA exploded on to an unsuspecting Tokyo club scene with its unique mixture of Techno and massive doses of House and raw energy. 
Famous for his live shows at ClubAsia and Womb, also have performed well known festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Oregon Eclipse 2017, Burning Man, Woodford Folk Festival(Australia) and many more...

CD HATA have been supporting well known artists in their Japanese tours such as Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Darren Emerson, Louie Vega, Juno Reactor,etc. 
In his wake,he left many fans hungry for more and influenced scores of new DJs andartist throughout Japan. 

CD HATA continue touring around Japan and the world.
In the meantime,kick up the volume,stand back and get ready for the full frontal assault known as...CD HATA!!­hata/190156­hata/id429848756­QX9Lq­k­TfyV_RhrCQHDc

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