RP-Reverse released!


- Thinking out of the box is part of what the Rob Papen brand ethos is - 

However, we do not wish to lose the fact that plugins exist to help aid you in the creation of music. 
Therefore, we are happy to announce the immediate release of RP-Reverse! 
RP-Reverse is an FX plugin for the creatively minded artist that loves to add different sonic ingredients into their tracks!  

- Please check the Tutorial, to aid you in understanding the whole concept: here
- If you are wondering immediately how it sounds, listen to the audio examples: here

RP-Reverse: $ 39-- | € 39--


RP-Reverse is also part of the eXplorer-5 bundle!
So if you already own eXplorer-5 please log into robpapen.com and download the latest eXplorer-5 installer and run it to add this new creative FX to your plugin list.

This amazing bundle now contains up to 22 plug-ins and additionally you can also request Prisma, which is a fantastic plugin to combine and layer your Rob Papen instruments.

Great news! If you already own some of our plug-ins, please check out the tasty upgrade options here

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