Predator 2 update

We have just released a new version of Predator 2 !
Please check out the new videos below on YouTube.
In the videos Rob explains how you can work with the presets and banks of Predator 2 and he also explains the new ‘star feature’ in the bank manager.
We also show you how Predator 2 works with the NKS system.
And the last video is showcasing Scope’s Psy Trance bank in which Scope plays some sounds from his new bank.

• Presets and banks

Predator 2 bank2


Predator 2 NKS

• Scope Psytrance

Predator 2 scope


To obtain the new version if you own already Predator 2 or the eXplorer4 bundle:
Please log-in to and visit ‘My Products’. Open the download page below your Predator 2 registration and download the latest installer. Run this installer and all new features will pop up the next time you start up Predator 2.

In case you own the eXplorer4 bundle, please also open the download page below your eXplorer4 registration and scroll down in the page. There you also can download the installer of Predator 2. So, no need to download the full eXplorer4 installer again.


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