MasterMagic Released!


Welcome to -MasterMagic- the plug-in that you will not want to miss anymore as part of your virtual mixer Master-Section! Just place -MasterMagic- at the very end of the master FX chain and be surprised at how much it can do for your track!  The ‘Mono/Stereo’ section, will make your low end much tighter and the ‘AIR’ function is sheer magic…even if you only use it a tiny amount.

YouTube Introduction

--> Please note that MasterMagic will be part of the eXplorer5 bundle <-- 
--> eXplorer4 users please use RP-EQ instead and wait on the eXplorer5 release <--

Demo version available here

Hello I am Reuven Amiel, Grammy Winning Mixer
--NOIA, Mushroom Symphony, Prime Ministers, PVRIS, Gian Marco, Ricard Arjona--
I am a long time Rob Papen software user, I love his products because they are original, innovative, sonically different and provide a unique way to see and manipulate sound. Their recent MasterMagic is a simple and effective tool to give your mix a magic touch!

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