eXplorer-9 | Go2-X | Albino-3

We are proud to announce that eXplorer-9, Go2-X, and Albino-3 Legend have been released!

Please read these important points:

  • Free upgrades have already been issued to customers who purchased at robpapen.com after the 1st of September 2023. So please check your mailbox or your spam box. 
  • If you purchased Go2 or eXplorer-8 at a reseller after the 1st of September 2023, please attach the sales receipt to our email info@robpapen.com to claim your free upgrade.
  • Regular upgrades can be requested on 'MyProducts' once logged into your account page at robpapen.com
    Upgrade for any previous version of eXplorer to eXplorer-9 is 74 bucks
    Upgrade from Go2 to Go2-X is 25 bucks
    Upgrade from Albino-3 to Albino-3 Legend is 49 bucks
  • Go2-X and Albino-3 Legend are the new products inside eXplorer-9
  • Mac users! Please close your music program ahead of running the installer and reboot.
  • Our PC software is now 64bit only.

Visit 'MyProducts' and the 'Special Offer' tab if you already own other Rob Papen plugins and would like to upgrade to eXplorer-9 at a special price.

  • More information on eXplorer-9 here
  • More information on Go2-X here
  • More information on Albino-3 Legend here


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