BIT-2 released !

BIT-2 released!

Yes, BIT-2 has been released!!!
Cool new features...  including top-notch audio quality and over 1600 presets and much more are inside this virtual analog synth! 

And, you may be thinking, what is the difference compared to our other RP virtual synthesizers? 
Well, BIT-2 has its focus set on virtual analog only. It has a different concept and approach, and this is just what you would expect from our brand! And for the record, Rob Papen owns many analog synthesizers dating back from the year 1979. 
You can check out some of Rob’s hardware synthesizers in this short studio peek video here. So the benchmark synths such as the Moog MiniMoog and Jupiter-8 are simply there in his studio to draw inspiration and ideas from. Recreating them in software is not a way Rob likes to work. Instead of that, they set the benchmarks in terms of audio quality and Rob takes it from there and uses all the cool things that software can offer! 

Well, check out the BIT-2 introduction video here and you might also like to check out the recent live presentation videos from Rob on BIT-2 here and how for instance an old switching board between the Korg MS-20 and the Korg SQ-10 lead to a cool new feature inside BIT-2!

Anyhow, you can find more information about BIT-2 here

If you own eXplorer-8:
BIT-2 is part of eXplorer-8 at no cost!
Please log in and download the latest installer for adding BIT-2 to your bundle.

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