Ensoniq ASR-10

In 1992 the Ensoniq ASR-10 was released and shortly after Rob Papen created the AS-11 'Techno Synths Vol.1' and the  AS-12 'Techno Synths Vol.2' soundsets for this great sounding sampler/workstation.

Cool features included on the ASR-10 were the bi-directional loop option and the patch buttons situated next to the Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel which allowed real-time variations of the patch/layers whilst playing. Although the Filters of the Ensoniq ASR-10 do not have the resonance parameter, soundwise they are fantastic, and by using the other included features Rob Papen could approach the ASR-10 as an extremely flexible and powerful synthesizer. Therefore many samples inside the Rob Papen sound sets were pure raw data that came to life using the features of the ASR-10!

Included with the soundsets were short demo songs which used the built-in 8 track MIDI recorder found on the ASR-10.
Some were so nice that Rob Papen used two of them (Bank 60 / Bank 65) later on in his album ‘DayDreamer’

Tip: update your ASR-10 with scsi2SD here


HD Floppy Disk set: AS-11 Techno Synths Vol.1
HD Floppy Disk set: AS-12 Techno Synths Vol.2
CD-ROM: CDR-4 and CDR-14

Listen to the demo-songs directly recorded from the ASR-10:

Demo bank 059

Demo bank 060

Demo bank 061

Demo bank 062

Demo bank 063

Demo bank 064

Demo bank 065

Demo bank 066

Demo bank 067

Demo bank 068




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