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 Several years after its inception, Rob Papen, the company, collectively has 11 superlative software products to its well-known name: Blade (representing the cutting-edge of today’s synthesizers), BLUE-II (so-called ‘Crossfusion synthesis’ since it covers somuch musical ground so effectively), Predator / PredatorFX (‘phat’ analogue synth with killer presets and first-class features), Punch (speaker-busting, body-rattling drum machine), SubBoomBass (ultra-deep bass synth with built-in step sequencer), RG (electric and acoustic guitar grooves with sequencer and synth effects), RP-AMOD(modulation effects to spice up vocaltracks, enliven instruments, or even beef up drums and loops), RP-Delay (with six delay lines, eight filters, four LFOs,reverser, and more), RP-Distort (for distorting and dramatically altering tracks), and RP-Verb (advanced, transparent, andmusical algorithm reverb).

Now all of those award-winning Mac- and PC-compatible virtual instruments and critically acclaimed effects plug-ins thathave found favour with so many of the world’s leading music producers and artists are available in the all-encompassing eXplorer-III bundle — billed as being The Complete Rob Papen Synth & Effect Collection.

To quote a few notable names for whom Rob Papen’s Inspiration Soundware has proved inspirational indeed:

“I love BLUE-II! The patches are so good. I opened it up and started using it immediately in my current project. You readmy mind on what I was looking for.” (Rod Abernethy: RAGE, TERA, Alpha Protocol, Star Trek, and The Hobbit composer)

“Rob Papen definitely makes some amazing plug-ins; we use Predator all the time, because it has such amazingsounds!” (Dave Stewart: musician, songwriter, record producer, and Eurythmics co-founder)

“[Punch is] very cool and delivers very fast results for instant creativity! It’s easy to use and sounds great.” (Armin vanBuuren: music producer and DJ)

> eXplorer-III: € 585-- | $ 699-- 

> Upgrade from eXplorer-II to eXplorer-III: € 44-- | $ 49--
For this, log-in at robpapen.com and visit 'My Products' to request the coupon code for the upgrade.

> Upgrade from eXplorer-I to eXplorer-III: € 119-- | $ 139--
For this, log-in at robpapen.com and visit 'My Products' to request the coupon code for the upgrade.

 > Upgrade if you own already 1 RP product : € 419-- | $ 499--
For this, contact your dealer or robpapen.com

eXplorer-III is compatible with:
PC: 32 & 64 bits VST/AAX for: Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Mac: 32 & 64 bits AU and VST and AAX for OSX 10.6 or higher

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